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In the vast and ever-expanding landscape of cryptocurrency trading, the allure of potential profits has attracted numerous individuals seeking to navigate this digital financial realm. However, amidst the burgeoning interest in cryptocurrencies, the prevalence of scams and fraudulent schemes has also witnessed a sharp rise. In the pursuit of lucrative opportunities, unsuspecting investors have often fallen victim to unscrupulous entities that exploit their trust and financial resources.

One such platform that warrants scrutiny is, an online service that claims to offer assistance and support to users engaged in cryptocurrency trading. With an array of crypto investment scams and fraudulent ventures on the rise, the challenge of distinguishing between authentic and deceptive trading platforms becomes increasingly daunting. As potential investors, safeguarding our assets and interests hinges on meticulous research and critical analysis of any platform we intend to engage with.

To address the concerns surrounding, we embark on a journey of in-depth investigation and exploration. Our objective is to unearth comprehensive insights and objective assessments that will empower you, the discerning investor, to make an informed decision regarding the credibility of this platform. As we traverse through its features, claims, and user experiences, we aim to provide a transparent and unbiased perspective on whether can be trusted as a legitimate avenue for cryptocurrency trading.

The potential risks and ramifications of falling prey to scams extend far beyond financial losses alone. They encompass feelings of disillusionment, betrayal, and the erosion of trust in the digital financial realm. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding required to navigate this challenging landscape with confidence and prudence.

Throughout this exploration, we will examine the veracity of’s claims, including its establishment date, alleged associations with prominent brands, and the validity of its stated location. With a careful eye for details and a commitment to upholding objectivity, we will thoroughly scrutinize the platform’s customer reviews, aiming to discern patterns and discern the true experiences of users who have interacted with

We cordially invite you to embark on this investigative journey with us. By collaborating in this endeavor, we can collectively bolster our defenses against potential scams and deceptive practices. In an era where the digital world intersects with financial transactions, the power of information and critical analysis is paramount. Together, let us forge a path towards a safer and more secure cryptocurrency trading experience, safeguarding ourselves and others from the perils that may lurk in the shadows of the crypto domain.

When was created?

The contradictory information surrounding is indeed concerning and merits further investigation. The website’s “About Us” section claims a founding year of 2018, highlighting their purported years of experience and growth in the cryptocurrency trading domain. However, the conflicting data provided by reputable sources like Whois and ScamAdviser suggests that the domain was only registered in January 2023. This raises significant doubts about the authenticity of their claims regarding their establishment and track record. It’s important to be cautious when encountering such inconsistencies, as scammers often employ tactics like exaggerating the age of their websites to instill trust and credibility among users.

Another area of concern lies in their asserted achievements outlined in their roadmap. Notably, they proclaim to have become the “Principal Team Partner of Oracle Red Bull Racing” in August 2022. Yet, upon meticulous scrutiny, no tangible evidence or credible sources corroborate this statement. This is a common ploy employed by untrustworthy websites seeking to enhance their image by associating themselves with renowned brands, even when no substantial ties exist. The intention is to deceive users into trusting their claims at face value without conducting thorough research.

In light of these circumstances, it is essential for potential users to exercise vigilance and carry out in-depth investigations before engaging with or any other similar platform. Relying solely on surface-level claims can lead to financial loss and other adverse consequences. Verifying the credibility of a cryptocurrency trading platform, especially one with contradictory information and dubious affiliations, demands thorough due diligence. Scrutinizing customer reviews, consulting multiple trusted sources, and seeking third-party endorsements are prudent steps in making informed decisions in the crypto trading landscape. Staying informed and exercising caution are vital to safeguarding one’s assets and interests in an ever-evolving digital financial world fraught with potential risks. Customer Reviews

Delving into the customer feedback regarding reveals a wide spectrum of opinions, ranging from positive to negative experiences. While one user on ScamAdviser briefly labels the site as “Very good,” regrettably, they offer no elaboration to substantiate their claim. Conversely, the majority of users present a more critical outlook, with one individual going as far as stating that they encountered difficulties when attempting to withdraw funds from the platform.

This divergence of feedback paints a complex picture and raises questions about the platform’s reliability and trustworthiness. Positive reviews may initially attract some potential customers, but the absence of detailed explanations behind such endorsements may be interpreted with skepticism. On the other hand, the presence of negative reviews, especially those concerning fund withdrawal issues, can be alarming and significantly diminish the confidence of prospective users.

The varied geographic origins of these users also serve as a significant point of interest. The fact that individuals from different countries have interacted with signifies the wide-reaching impact and global scale of the company’s operations. Such international interactions highlight the potential risks and consequences faced by users worldwide.

In light of this mixed feedback, users must exercise caution when considering engaging with or any similar platform. Evaluating the overall sentiment of customer reviews and taking into account both positive and negative experiences can offer a more balanced perspective. However, it’s crucial to delve deeper into the specifics of negative reviews and scrutinize the claimed issues, such as the difficulties in withdrawing funds, to make informed decisions.

Seeking additional testimonials from various reliable sources and consulting with experienced investors can provide valuable insights and enhance one’s understanding of the platform’s credibility. By employing thorough research and exercising vigilance, potential users can better safeguard their assets and interests in the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency trading. Remember, prudence is key when navigating the vast and ever-evolving digital financial realm, where trust and credibility play pivotal roles in shaping the success and safety of investment endeavors.

Where are they located?

According to the information provided in the “About Us” section, claims to be located at Australia Square 264 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. However, upon closer investigation, no business with that name is listed at that address. In fact, the office space is advertised as available for lease.

This discrepancy raises suspicions and suggests a potential desperate attempt to appeal to Australian users by falsely claiming to be based in their country. Such tactics are often employed by scammers seeking to create the illusion of legitimacy in a specific location while concealing their true identities. Vigilance is crucial in dealing with such situations to avoid falling victim to deceptive practices.


The assortment of red flags surrounding is highly concerning, and a closer examination reveals a plethora of indicators that strongly suggest the platform may indeed be a scam. Numerous characteristics found on the website bear a striking resemblance to common traits observed in typical cryptocurrency scams. One of the most alarming discrepancies lies in the platform’s claim of having a history dating back several years, despite its relatively recent establishment. This contradiction raises doubts about the authenticity of their track record and the veracity of their statements.

Another area of suspicion centers on their purported associations with renowned brands. While they assert such affiliations, there is a glaring absence of verifiable evidence to support these claims. This lack of substantiation casts doubt on the legitimacy of their connections and leaves room for skepticism.

Additionally, the listed location of further intensifies the unease. The address provided points to an open office space available for rent or lease in Australia, but there is no indication of the platform having a physical presence at this site. This discrepancy fuels doubts about the authenticity of their operations and raises questions about their true location and business practices.

Equally troubling are the predominantly negative customer reviews associated with The prevailing sentiment among users leans heavily towards dissatisfaction, with some individuals even reporting significant financial losses. Such unfavorable experiences shared by customers underscore the potential risks involved in engaging with this platform and highlight its questionable practices.

Considering these various red flags collectively, potential users must exercise utmost caution when contemplating any involvement with The convergence of these concerning indicators strongly suggests that the platform poses a substantial risk of being a scam. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, the prevalence of scams necessitates vigilant research and critical evaluation when dealing with any platform or investment opportunity. Verifying claims, consulting credible sources, and seeking advice from seasoned investors are essential steps in safeguarding one’s interests and financial well-being in the digital financial realm. Remember, it is always better to err on the side of caution when encountering potentially fraudulent entities, as the consequences of falling prey to scams can be severe and long-lasting.

James M. Marrero

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