SCAM ALERT – Why you shouldn’t trade with Mamooth Trade

Upon examining their website, it becomes evident that they operate without any oversight from regulating agencies – a significant cause for concern. This should serve as a clear warning to refrain from investing with them. Furthermore, their association with websites offering “Automated trading software,” known for engaging in scamming practices, adds another alarming aspect.

Mamooth Trade emerges as yet another unregulated forex broker, leaving customers without proper protection and raising the likelihood of them absconding with your hard-earned money. In the absence of a regulating agency, there will be no entity to hold them accountable for any misconduct.

How does the scam work?

Typically, unregulated forex brokers employ a particular approach. They actively reach out to individuals, employing persuasive tactics to convince them to make the minimum initial deposit. Employing any means necessary, they offer seemingly attractive deals that are too good to be true, such as promises to double the initial deposit or guaranteeing easy daily earnings of $100. It is crucial not to fall for these deceptive practices as they are undoubtedly scams.

Once the initial deposit is made, clients are handed over to a more cunning scammer referred to as a “retention agent.” Their sole purpose is to extract even more money from unsuspecting victims. Additionally, it is essential to be cautious about trusting the positive Mamooth Trade reviews found online, as they often pay websites and services to post favorable reviews, thereby enhancing their online reputation dishonestly.

Withdrawing funds

Urgently submit a withdrawal request without delay, as unregulated brokers cannot guarantee the safety of your funds. However, this is where the situation becomes complicated.

Attempting to withdraw your money, regardless of whether you made profits or not, will lead to a prolonged and frustrating process. They intentionally delay the withdrawal for several months, strategically aiming to exceed the timeframe within which you can file a chargeback. Once this period, typically around six months, elapses, the chances of retrieving your money become slim, and you may lose your funds permanently. Despite persistent reminders or insistence on withdrawing your funds, they will not be returned.

If you have signed the Managed Account Agreement (MAA), effectively granting them unrestricted access to your account, they may recklessly manage your funds, leading to a complete loss. Consequently, there won’t be anything left to request, and your funds will be irrecoverable. Exercise extreme caution with unregulated brokers to protect your financial interests.


Mamooth Trade operates as an unregulated forex broker, which gives rise to serious apprehensions regarding the safety and security of clients’ funds. The absence of oversight from a regulating agency raises concerns about the level of protection offered to customers, potentially exposing them to higher risks of encountering fraudulent practices.

In an effort to entice individuals into investing, Mamooth Trade employs persuasive tactics that revolve around alluring promises. These promises may appear too good to be true, such as doubling the initial deposit or guaranteeing substantial daily earnings. Such practices are commonly associated with unscrupulous brokers seeking to exploit unsuspecting clients.

Withdrawal of funds from Mamooth Trade can prove to be a challenging and time-consuming process. Deliberate delays implemented by the broker may extend beyond the chargeback window, leaving clients with limited avenues for recovering their money and increasing the likelihood of irreversible financial losses.

The involvement of “retention agents” after the initial deposit adds another layer of concern. These agents may attempt to extract additional funds from clients through various means, potentially exacerbating the financial risks faced by investors.

Moreover, Mamooth Trade’s association with websites offering “Automated trading software,” notorious for engaging in scamming schemes, further undermines the broker’s trustworthiness and legitimacy. This affiliation raises doubts about the integrity of the broker and the services they provide.

It is essential for potential clients to exercise caution when considering Mamooth Trade as their forex broker. Additionally, any positive reviews about the broker found online should be approached with skepticism, as they may not be reliable and could be the result of the broker paying for favorable reviews to bolster their reputation deceitfully. Overall, due diligence and prudence are imperative when making investment decisions to safeguard against potential risks and financial harm.

James M. Marrero

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